Press Release

Success Magazine

December 31, 2015

The tight job market is not just affecting recent college grads or the current unemployed.  It has created a real sense of job insecurity and competition for the good jobs as never seen before.  In a recent Success Magazine survey, 67% of Americans over the age of 50 employed full-time stated that they were “unhappy” in their current place of employment; and of these, only 6% were willing to leave and find another job.  For most in this age group, the dream of starting a brand new career remains just that… a dream, especially when it comes to starting one’s own business.  The time, the money, the risk, all the what ifs.  For some, however, the fear of failure is not an obstacle.  Meet Fran Patoskie.

Back in 2009 at the age of 50, with her 30-year employment anniversary date as a database manager at a local hotel company fast approaching, she began the process of setting the stage of what would eventually lead her to a successful million dollar annual income, freedom to travel, and a life fulfilled with two long-time passions: doing personal health cooking shows from her own gourmet kitchen; and ministries at church.  As a life-long exercise enthusiast, she stumbled on to a brand new home workout program, which not only changed her body, but her entire future as well.

We caught up with Fran and her husband Joseph in Ft. Lauderdale, as they were waiting to board the Princess Cruise Line to cruise the Mediterranean, Greek Isles, and Italy to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.  We asked Fran how she was able to create a multi million dollar fitness business.  “For seven years, my husband and I were renting a single-room studio with no kitchen.  We were years into a major remodeling project on a home we had purchased but never lived in; and building a home-based business was not only difficult, but often frustrating.  When I started my business, I was working full-time for a major hotel company.  I loved my job for many years, but as the economy became more and more unstable, so did my job security.  I knew that I needed a Plan B to fall back on if ever my job was eliminated as so many others were.  That’s when I started to think, what can I do that would create the kind of income I needed to have the choice to leave my job?  I loved fitness, and people were always asking me for help, so when Beachbody (the creators of P90X and Insanity) opened up a network marketing division, it was a perfect fit.  I get paid to help others get fit and healthy, while we get fit and healthy ourselves.  Like Zig Ziglar said, the way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.  We now have a solid 7 figure business that allows us to travel all over the world.  But just as important, it allows us to bless other people without hesitation.”

Fran lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.  When she is not travelling, she enjoys cooking in her gourmet kitchen and fattening her husband up with delicious treats baked with love.

2 thoughts on “Press Release”

  1. mentorsusan said:

    Fran, it takes one to know one. Spending time with others in a harmonious goal is how we are all going to make it happen. Truly honored to celebrate your success!

  2. Fran,
    I love that you are going for it.
    All the best.

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