I just discovered that not only can my mind change my body, but my body can change my mind.

The statement “fake it till you make it” can really work, and work fast!  In as little as 2 minutes!  By using High Power Poses vs Low Power Poses, your body can change your mind almost immediately!  Like magic!

This picture of me is of me holding a yoga pose called Tree Pose.  The hands are normally held in a prayer position in front of the chest, while you balance on one leg.  When I hold my hands in that prayer position, I normally can’t hang onto this pose for more than a second.  I am toppling over and anyone who watches me will get a good laugh.  But when I lift my hands and my eyes up (as shown), this is supposed to be a more difficult position, but I find that it makes me feel more powerful, and I can hold it much, much longer, because in my mind, I am offering praise to God, and He in turn is giving me the power to stand in perfect balance.

I sing on the worship team, and when I used to sing solos my voice would shake and sometimes even disappear because of my nervousness.  And then I discovered that if I lift my hands up while I’m singing, the nervousness completely disappears, AND the congregation lifts up their hands, too!  I become a LEADER!!!