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I worked in the hotel industry for almost 40 years.  31 of them was at the same company.  I saw lots of renovations, from bedspread changes to a complete overhaul of an entire street that went from having 5 old hotels on it to one beautiful hotel surrounded by gorgeous grounds and resort shops and restaurants.  It totally revitalized Waikiki.  Because I was in the Sales and Marketing Department, I saw the concept drawings for that entire resort area, including the new hotel .  The details were staggering, and to watch each piece come to life was a fantastic experience.  To think that SOMEONE had to CREATE the concepts of that resort area in their mind before it was ever put on paper, is literally mind-boggling.  But until they did that, nothing could have been built, and Waikiki would still be old and unattractive, and we would not have the beautiful Waikiki BeachWalk that millions of visitors now enjoy.

We are down to the last few days of 2013.  It’s time for me to get a fresh new sheet of paper and draft out what my 2014 will be like.  2013 was a transition year for me.  I left my job of 31 years to become a full-time entrepreneur.  Giving up my “secure” job was a decision I didn’t make lightly, but I had my goals set, and leaving my job allowed me to reach some of  them.  One goal was going to Europe “someday”, and I checked that one off my bucket list when I went to Italy in September.   Another goal was to make enough money to allow my husband the choice to leave his job.  He left in August.  So all in all, it was a successful year.  But it’s not enough.  

In “The Strangest Secret”, Earl Nightingale says that only 5% of the population writes down their goals.  That means that 95% of the population are going through life with no direction.  He also says that in order to be successful, we need to not focus on the money, but instead focus on the service we can give first, and then there will be no limit to the abundance and prosperity that awaits us.  That speaks straight to my heart.  2014 will be a year of service for me.  Service to my team, to my church, to my family, to my God.  So here I go!