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I have lived in Hawaii my entire life and have never gone into the area of Volcano on the Big Island.  I’m not a big outdoors person and honestly, not very adventurous at all.  But this course is moving me out of my comfort zone, and I find myself no longer satisfied with just letting life happen to me.

This past weekend, I did a six mile hike through Kilauea Iki Crater, over an old lava flow that was the result of a 1959 eruption.  This happens to be my birth year, so the significance did not go unnoticed.  Now, before this course, I was the most unobservant person ever, and everybody else always noticed things that totally went past me.  (Shows how self-focused I am!). But this time, I really noticed a lot of things.



I noticed the steam coming out of various vents in the ground, showing me that although the black lava was hard and seemingly solid, there was a lot of activity happening under the surface.  There were deep, unevenly cracked sections of the lava, revealing an apparent shifting of the earth underneath, proving that movement can be sudden and intense, and that nothing is permanent in nature, even that which seems unmoveable and unchangeable.

Ohia Lehua plants were making their way in that seemingly dead ground, and I saw little baby shoots, small bushes, and large trees full of beautiful red flowers.  I am so bad with plants that I kill silk plants, and here these beautiful trees grow all by themselves through a seemingly dead surface, and watered by Nature’s tears.

As I mentioned, the eruption happened the same year I was born.  At 54, I am also being reborn and renewed in my spirit and mind, and I am giddy with the anticipation of new growth happening within me, that is waiting to show itself with beauty that only God can create.  The lessons I am learning makes my head want to explode, much like the molton, ever-moving lava that is beneath the surface, just waiting to erupt and change all the beliefs about myself I had held onto for so long.  The cracks in my surface reveal my willingness to change and adjust to new thought patterns and new blueprints and a new compass to direct my path.  The tiny changes that are manifesting themselves through my actions and words will blossom into solid, deep-roots of a new blueprint that will change my relationships with God and man.

I can be what God wills me to be.