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I used to dance hula when I was a young girl, but stopped when I was 14 because I had better things to do on a Saturday than go to hula practice!  (Like hang out with boys!)  I can count on one hand the number of times I danced since then.  Once at a high school May Day Program.  Once at my wedding. Once at my dad’s 70th birthday party.  That was it.  And yet I LOVED watching other people dance hula.  My heart would just break when I was in church and saw the women praise the Lord with their hands in dance.  I sing on the worship team, and I love it, but I have always wished I could dance again, because it was not only worshipping with my voice, but with my whole body.  But I never took the step or commitment I needed to do to get to that place where I was ready to dance because there was always TOMORROW.

Because of Go 90 Grow and the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, I had to write out a statement of my Definite Major Purpose, or DMP.  In it, I was to state how I saw my life as it was meant to be, how I was meant to be.  I wrote that I was not only singing, but also dancing in worship service.

Today, my DMP became reality.  I am finding my bliss, right here, right now.  I am a woman of few words, but I know the Lord heard every one of them today.