ImageEveryday for the last 6 1/2 years, I’ve been coming home to a teeny weeny little studio.  I’ve built an international, multiple six figure business, but no one would ever know it by the way we lived.  Our house has been under renovation since June 2007, and so our little studio has become our bedroom, living room, workout room, kitchen, office, and storage room, all in one.  In particular, my futon couch has become overrun with my junk, and I stopped even noticing it.  It was like the the elephant in the room that nobody talked about, but I could never have company cause the couch was the only thing I had to offer my guests to sit on.  You know how tomorrow becomes someday, and then that day never comes?  Well, I have been saying, “tomorrow I’ll clean off the sofa so we can sit on it”, and it just never happened.

Well, this week’s MKMMA task was to complete a chore by Saturday (tomorrow), and not only do it, but PROMISE to do it, and to tell yourself that I always keep my promises.  I did it!  And it feels damn good!  Who would have thought that writing down one sentence on a little index card and drawing a blue rectangle next to it would cause me to take action?!  (We were supposed to look for blue rectangles everywhere, as a reminder of our promise to ourselves, and dang if I didn’t see blue rectangles EVERYWHERE!  Even on this page!)  Part of it was that I PROMISED to do it, but just WHO was I making that promise to?  Myself?  My mentor?  My 2 accountability partners going through the MKMMA course with me?  Who cared most?  I think my mentor might have been disappointed, but would have loved me anyway.  I know my 2 accountability partners would forgive me and give me grace.  But deep down, I know that I would not have been able to let it go, cause I am a woman of integrity, and my word means everything to me.  This was such a powerful exercise, and I can’t wait to do my NEXT chore!