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It’s been so long since I’ve been a student that I have forgotten how to study!  But because I made a commitment to my mentor Mark Januszewski to give 110% in this Master Key program, I am motivated to getting an “A” in the course.  So when he said that the assignment was to say Do It Now 25 times, twice a day, with ENTHUSIASM, I giggled, but said, oh-kay!  We were supposed to write our a chore on an index card and say “I Promise to” on the top, and “I always keep my promises” with my signature on the bottom.  The chore I chose was to clean my sofa because I’ve been using it as a storage space in my teeny weeny studio, and I have procrastinated FOR YEARS to clean it up.  Where would I put all the books and bags that I keep on the sofa when I have zero storage space here?  I dunno, but I started my Do It Now chanting (and yes, I counted 25 times on my fingers!), changing my tone and volume everytime I said it, and something happened!  It was like I talked myself into it!  I actually got up from my chair because my heart was pounding with excitement, like I really WANTED to clean my sofa right then and there! Did I finish?  Stay tuned for before and after pictures!